“ I’m a 70 year old man with some musical background and a lover of sea life.

Last summer, as I was sailing across Mediterranean Sea, I was astonished to see the environmental massacre caused by ever increasing touristic population as well as ever increasing sea vessel traffic those I haven’t seen only 10 years ago. If we don’t do something about it, we may not have a clean sea and beaches to have a holiday in Meditarrenea very soon.

What could I do as a person to help? I thought to myself, and created this song to raise awareness and raise funds for Charities working very hard to prevent such tragedy. I hope it will work “



I can provide you with Logic Session for you to download and re-mix, insert, manipulate or remove any track at your desire and creativity and publish it at Jengho together with your own music. I can also provide you with separate folders of Stems suitable to your existing program.

Idea is to join all Meditarreanean DJ’s and musicians to create their own version of this sound to raise more awareness and benefit from the traffic for their own music open to audience of 526 million people of Mediterranean countries.

You keep all your royalties on splitter program of Ditto Music, which is distributing Jengho through all music platform.

Let’s discuss the possibilities. Please send me an email.


Jengho’s “Mediterranea- She’s Everybody’s Baby” Offers Warm Grooves and Great Vibes!

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‘Mediterranea- She’s everybody’s baby‘ is the new release from London based Environmentalist / Musician Jengho.

Now if you’re looking for a house track that has a special vibe with Mediterranean influences, this is it. A laidback groove welcomes you with sweet acoustic guitar performances, accordeon, durbaka rhythms and more. Equally suitable for a hot dancefloor as well as to chill with on the beach.

Make sure to pre-save, you won’t be disappointed!

Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean sea, the track brings about an important message of conservation. Jengho hopes to raise awareness and raise funds to protect the seas and the beaches. To spread the message even further, he also encourages musicians to remix it with their own renditions.

Jengho is a 70-year-old environmentalist / musician set on protecting his love, the sea. Last summer, he was sailing across the Mediterranean sea and was astonished to find the ‘environmental massacre’ left there. He was so moved by the scene that he decided to raise awareness about it in the best way he knew how, through music. He made ‘Mediterranea- She’s everybody’s baby‘ to shake the beach clubs this summer and raise money for our oceans, an inspiring combination!


Title : Meditarranea – She’s everybody’s baby

Created and Written by : Jengho

Vocals : Jengho

Sound Director : Jengho

Producer : Andy Withmore

Sound Engineer : Ed Stokes

Recorded in Greystoke Studios London

February 2022


"It’s a crazy song calling out on all Mediterranean countries to wake up, sounding like it’s coming out of minarets of middle east, then delightfully mixes with opera and flamenco, pleading mediterraneans to own up the medfiterranean sea."

Richard Moore

"What a cool way of travelling through musical Mediterranea. Congratulations"

Steve Hepsworth

"Mathematically, genius mixture of Mediterranean music skilfully offered to all other DJ’s and musicians to contribute."

Nigel Green

"I just had to get up and dance. It’s a crazy sound I didn’t know I missed."

Rosa Bernetti

"Thanks Jengho, you made my day. You are right, She’s everybody’s baby."

Marry Right


We don’t accept any donations on behalf of Charity Organisations.

Any donation you would like to make, please do so directly.

Please visit them to see their efforts.

We welcome all other Charities working for Mediterranean Sea. Please contact to add your organisation to this page.


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